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Nihonbashi – A fusion of old and new in the heart of leading destination

One of Tokyo’s delights is its ability to blend so many very different destinations in one great city.
In particular Japan’s capital perfectly brings together culture, tradition, science, technology, fashion and cuisine. It is this fusion of factors that makes it the perfect destination for conferences and there are few better examples than the Nihonbashi district.

Named after the Nihonbashi Bridge, which flows through the heart of the city on its way to Tokyo Bay, Nihonbashi is incredibly well located with superb access for both international and domestic events. Just a short distance to the East of Tokyo Station it is one of the city’s most important business hubs due to fast easy access across the whole of country and major airports via the Shinkansen (bullet train). However, for those delegates looking to experience life at a different pace and make the most of their arrival or departure to the area, water transfers are also available direct from Haneda airport – providing a truly different perspective of the city.

400 years of history, The Nihonbashi District derives its name from Nihonbashi Bridge, which has been a central landmark in Tokyo for more than four centuries. Originally constructed from wood in 1603, the current bridge, with its beautiful stone architecture was completed in 1911. Much of Nihonbashi’s growth as a mercantile and financial district can be attributed to the Nihonbashi Bridge, which originally marked the end of two vital trading roads during the Edo Period – Nakasendo and Tokaido. To this day the bridge is the central point in Tokyo to which all distances are measured from other parts of Japan.

Over the last 400 years the Nihonbashi district has gone from strength to strength as a mercantile and trading centre, making it ideal for conferences and events because of the 400-year long fusion of business and creativity. Event organisers can make use of the district’s long history of trading goods of all types to make links to their own events through partnerships with local businesses and tours. Of note is the Mitsui family, who opened Japan’s first department store – Mitsukoshi in 1904, having traded in the area for several hundred years as a leading Kimono wholesaler.

A commercial hub for all to experience, In particular the area has become known as a hub for health, pharmaceutical wholesale and food related businesses since the Edo period. The area is headquarters to several global pharmaceutical companies such a Takeda, Daiichi-Sankyo, Astellas, Kissel, Chugai and Zeria. These strong links into the medical, health and pharmaceutical markets make Nihonbashi extremely popular for related events.

As the centre of Japan’s global food industry Nihonbashi is also home to Ninben and Yamamotoyama, both of which have been trading food and beverages including “dashi” (soup stock) and “sencha” (green tea) since the 1690s. Once again, these historic and high profile business add a significant amount of grandeur and credibility for event organisers looking for somewhere to hold an event in Japan’s capital.

Facilities for groups of all shapes and sizes, In addition to great access from venues and hotels around the rest of Tokyo, the Nihonbashi area makes the most of the local infrastructure to welcome guests including being the site of Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Soaring above the skyline with its 157 rooms and 22 suites, a spa and more than 16 event spaces capable of hosting up to 260 delegates, it offers unparalleled views across the city. In the Autumn of 2019 the Coredo Muromachi Terrace will be launched outside of the Mitsukoshi Store, adding more creative and inspiring event spaces to the city’s growing and developing offering.

Nihonbashi District is a must visit area for all delegates travelling to Japan’s capital. With is fusion of the old and new and its blend of the commercial and creative it is a truly inspiring and flexible destination.


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