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DMO Roppongi was established by private companies, hotels, and other organizations operating in the neighborhood of Roppongi, a cosmopolitan, leading area.
The Roppongi area boasts many facilities that serve a variety of purposes, including academic facilities where conferences of business companies and academic meetings can be held, luxury hotels that can accept incentive tours, and unique venues. These facilities are located close to each other, permitting a large convention to be held using more than one of these facilities at the same time.
In addition, DMO Roppongi provides various one-stop services including accommodation services and the organization of parties and activities, as well as facilities needed for meetings and conferences.

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Convention Facilities

(Number of convention facilities)

(Approx. 5,800 m2)

With multiple facilities concentrated in this area, efficiently holding a large-scale event in a single consolidated venue at once is possible. These facilities can be used for various purposes, being available in different scales according to the need. And there are not only conference facilities, but also places for visitors to experience Japanese culture such as the International House of Japan and the Nogi-Kaikan building.

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(Number of guest rooms)

The hotels are mainly luxury hotels, but a wide array of accommodation facilities including business hotels can cater to diverse client needs. The area also can serve a large-scale event, providing multiple accommodation facilities located within ten minutes walking distance.

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Banquet Halls

(Number of banquet halls)

Banquet halls located in the area range from those at hotels to unique venues. They can be used collectively for a single event. In addition, DMO Roppongi is ready to provide cultural content that it developed on its own. This content is available for pre and post events. DMO Roppongi is willing to provide the support needed to ensure that business events are a success.

Main Facilities

Roppongi Academyhills
Grand Hyatt Tokyo
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
NOGI-Jinjya shrine
More Facilities

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Roppongi Case Study

Image of International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) World Congress Tokyo 2017

International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) World Congress Tokyo 2017


From November 6 to 9, the IFRRO World Congress Tokyo 2017 was held by IFRRO.
This event was planned and organized directly with the headquarters of IFRRO, which permitted smooth communications and implementation of the event in the Roppongi area. Members of DMO Roppongi cooperated in selecting and arranging for giveaways that were distributed to participants of DMO Roppongi, including a conference bag, walking map, chopsticks, and welcome amenities. The government of Minato-ku and DMO Roppongi collaborated in producing and distributing a map for walking in the area, which helped to attract participants to local restaurants and other facilities.
With several years devoted to the process from the inquiry stage to the implementation, this event was made successful by the efforts of the entire Roppongi area.

Related facility

Roppongi Hills (Academy Hills)
Grand Hyatt Tokyo
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
remm Roppongi
Image of A global meeting of an IT company

A global meeting of an IT company

Meeting Incentive

In September 2016, a global meeting of 200 overseas staff members was held using Ritz-Carlton for their accommodation.
On the final day, the participants were invited to unique venue of Nogi Shrine, where they experienced a shrine ritual. This was followed by a gala dinner at Nogikaikan hosting 120 people. The elements of the shrine ritual were made easy for visitors to understand, with explanations on the cultural and histrical background. Furthermore, the Shinto priest and the interpreter carefully planned this event in advance through repeated meetings and devised measures to communicate the details to the visitors at a comfortable pace. It was the first successful unique venue event in the Roppongi area.
This event was stage-managed in an optimal manner, backed by people from throughout the area. Torches, lights and other objects were arranged in a way that created an atmosphere of traditional Japanese culture. The consecutive interpretation for explaining the shrine ritual was provided successfully at just the right moments, thanks to repeated practice.

Related facility

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
Nogi Shrine
Image of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)

Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)


The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), which celebrated its 30th anniversary, is the only international film festival in Japan that is recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.* This festival, with excellent films from home and abroad, is now the largest and most exciting hub for Asian films. It provides filmmakers and movie fans from all over the world opportunities to meet new talent, and interact with each other.

*International Federation of Film Producers Associations: An international organization headquartered in Paris that discusses and solves problems faced by film industries and international movie festivals around the world. A total of 31 countries are registered as members (as of September 2017).

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