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Shinagawa – Substantial new MICE venues with great access

Imagine a gleaming new development, designed specifically for business just 11 minutes from an international airport, supported by a raft of hotels, conference facilities and ongoing investment… the result is the all new Shinagawa district in Tokyo.

In the environs of Takanawa Gateway Station, which opened on March 14, 2020, Tokyo City is undertaking one of its largest development projects in the Shinagawa District, where it is currently building an international business city. Totalling 85,000 square metres of floor space the four new buildings will include a significant convention hall (about 8,000 square metres) and conference space (about 5,000 square metres) as well as accommodation and catering facilities.

The two new halls will be situated in one of the four new buildings, which will also house office space, libraries, medical facilities, an international school and housing for both domestic and international workers.

The two primary meeting spaces will be capable of hosting 4,000 and 2,000 delegates respectively, with accommodation available in not just the new city but across a wide range of other hotels located throughout the Shinagawa District. Perfectly complimenting the new facilities, the biggest six hotels offer a total capacity in excess of 7,000 rooms as well as conference and event facilities of their own. The leading hotels include The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, Grand Prince HotelNew Takanawa, and Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Combining all facilities across the district, Shinagawa is currently capable of hosting up to 12,000 delegates, this will rise to 18,000 once the new development is completed, making it a hub for large scale MICE events.

Incredible connections, Fundamental to the Shinagawa District’s success will be its location. The historic Shinagawa Station was actually the first train station in Japan, yet now it is a stop for the world-famous Shinkansen (bullet train). It is just 11 minutes from Shinagawa Station to Haneda Airport, but it is the other transport links that are most impressive. The station is a hub for travel to the West of Japan, including destinations such as Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. In 2027 it will be the starting point for travel on the ultra-high-speed Linear Chuo Shinkansen, which will link Shinagawa with Nagoya in just 40 minutes – a 50% reduction in journey time. In 2045 the route will continue on to Osaka, the largest city in the West of Japan.

Shinagawa’s offering goes beyond the modern, Despite, its modern appeal, cutting edge design and world leading technology Shinagawa also has much to offer those travellers looking to understand a more traditional Japanese experience. With so many visitors to Tokyo wishing to understand and feel both the history and culture of Japan, the area is not completely focused on new buildings and the future. In fact, it boasts a number of traditional shrines and temples including Zojoji, Sengakuji and shinagawa Shrine itself.

Additionally, Happoen and the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa both house traditional Japanese gardens. Through the local DMO activities such as a tea-house, sake tasting, ninja shows and traditional dance are all available to ensure delegates leave having experienced a true part of the country’s culture.

A bright future for Shinagawa, the gateway to Japan, , Japan continues to invest and grow its international offering for businesses of all types. The international business city in Shinagawa is truly ground-breaking. It will offer a unique environment and gateway for individuals and organisations to gather and do business. More importantly though it will be more than just a world leading MICE hub. It will be a place for business exchange and cultural creation where people can gather to share ideas in a safe and exciting environment focused on the future of the planet and all who live on it.