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A Smart City

Smart City

Tachikawa is a city that has a variety of facilities such as commercial shopping complexes, offices, and hotels, and has compact, safe, and convenient urban functions. While the area around Tachikawa Station is bustling, a stone’s throw away from the station plaza reveals the vast sky and greenery of the grand Showa Kinen Park, creating a relaxing space that lets you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. The city also accepts and nurtures a variety of cultures from academics, arts, subcultures, and sports. The city of Tachikawa is a rare city that fuses urban functions with nature and diverse cultures.

Convention Facilities

(Number of convention facilities)

(Approx. 1,050 m2)

You can use hotels and conference facilities within a 10-minute walk around JR Tachikawa Station. There are also many restaurants and shops, making it convenient to eat and shop after a meeting.


(Number of guest rooms)

Tachikawa is home to many accommodation options within a 10-minute walk around JR Tachikawa Station. Showa Kinen Park is also just a short walk away from hotels within the city.

Banquet Halls

(Number of banquet halls)

Everything is concentrated within a 10-minute walk of JR Tachikawa Station, and the city offers multiple hotels and venues for use.

Tachikawa Case Study

Image of Tachikawa excursion trip

Tachikawa excursion trip
(half day version)


We listened to a lecture of a professor at the National Institute of Polar Research and toured the Polar Science Museum. Lastly, we held a dinner complete with original decorations at Tachihi Beach, one of Japan’s largest artificial beaches.

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