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The Marunouchi, Otemachi, and Yurakucho areas are located in central Tokyo with convenient access to multiple stations, including Tokyo Station. Major domestic and international companies are concentrated in this area, making it a focal point of economic activity as an international business center.

As a leader in urban MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) events, DMO Tokyo Marunouchi aims to vitalize the city by bringing together a diverse group of people through MICE events. Furthermore, DMO Tokyo Marunouchi works to welcome guests as a community, with its rich resources including hotel conference facilities and unique venues concentrated in the city center.

This beautiful area attracts many MICE participants with its blend of the well-arranged streetscape of Marunouchi-Nakadori Street, the historic Tokyo Station building, and the lush greenery of the Imperial Palace Outer Gardens that stretch along its entire western side.

Information for MICE Planners

Number of Convention Facilities


Located in the heart of Tokyo and easily accessible from all over the country via a punctual network of train and underground lines, Marunouchi has numerous convention facilities. Each facility is located within walking distance of multiple stations.

Number of Banquet Halls


The Marunouchi area has several large-scale banquet halls with a capacity of more than 1,000 people. Halls are frequently used as post-conference venues for events held at Tokyo International Forum, the Tokyo flagship facility, and Japan's most popular convention center.

Number of Guest Rooms


This area is dotted with world-famous luxury accommodations, including Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotels. There are also time-honored Japanese luxury hotels and hotels ideal for business use.




The International Conference on Nutrition

In December 2022, set in the Tokyo International Forum, the International Conference on Nutrition was held in Japan for the first time in 47 years, and attracted more than 3,300 participants from 111 countries.
Conference attendees were provided with lunch coupons that could be used at restaurants in the vicinity of the conference venue, and a special website introducing more than 250 restaurants eligible for the coupons was created with dietary diversity in mind, including the ability to select vegetarian-friendly restaurants. In addition, "Hitomachi Ambassadors," who are active in the local community, were appointed to guide visitors to the lunch coupon stores and provide sightseeing information on the surrounding area.
Street flags were displayed along Marunouchi Nakadori Street during the event, decorating the Marunouchi streetscape and bringing the excitement of the MICE event to the whole area. The flags were scheduled to be upcycled as an environmentally friendly initiative.
Other events related to fermented foods, which are attracting attention from around the world, were also held. As a cultural program for participants, we held two fermentation seminars with fermentation experts and cookery researchers. On the last day of the conference, an excursion to Sawara City, Chiba Prefecture, a city where a lot of fermentation takes place, was organized. The excursion included a lecture on sake brewing and fermentation by a chief brewer, French cuisine using fermented foods, and a kotatsu (heated table, seated) boat ride through the streets of Sawara, also known as Koedo, which was very well received.

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In October 2022, "CHANGE to HOPE 2022" was held in the Marunouchi area. Over the course of two days, more than 30 lectures and work shops were held at nine locations in the area, including Tokyo Kaikan, MY PLAZA Hall, and Marunouchi Nakadori Street, a street space representing the Marunouchi area. During the event, the entire area was covered in outdoor advertisements, including event billboards, maps, and posters, and the Marunouchi area was covered in the colors representing "CHANGE to HOPE" and filled with participants carrying event goods.
This event not only served as a good example of urban area-wide MICE, but also suggested various possibilities for area management.
CHANGE to HOPE was a joint production of the organizer and DMO Tokyo Marunouchi in the Marunouchi area.

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The 7th Sustainable Brands 2023 Tokyo-Marunouchi

The 7th Sustainable Brands 2023 Tokyo-Marunouchi(SB), one of the largest international conferences in Asia on the theme of "sustainability", which has a high affinity with the Marunouchi area, was held in February 2023 in the field of sustainability, a theme with strong affinity with the area. The concept for the 7th SB was to "make the entire Marunouchi area of Tokyo the venue" and adopt the "urban area-wide MICE " concept, with venues scattered throughout the entire city.
The main session program was held at three venues: Tokyo International Forum, JP Tower Hall & Conference, and Marunouchi Building Hall & Conference. A venue was set up on Marunouchi Nakadori Street that was open to all, even those not attending the conference, and a variety of Marunouchi area restaurants and other venues were prepared as venues for participants to get together.
Event flags were displayed along Marunouchi Nakadori Street, and digital signage installed throughout the Marunouchi area was used to build momentum and announce SB 2023.
A total of 5,212 participants, a record high, made this a MICE event representative of Marunouchi, utilizing the whole area.

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i-Urban Exchange Conference

DMO Tokyo Marunouchi provided a wide range of support for participants involved in urban development from local governments throughout Japan. Since the organizer wanted to showcase Tokyo's uniqueness, the DMO proposed a venue with a panoramic view of the Tokyo Station building, planned an after-party featuring Tokyo's night view, and created an original walking map introducing photogenic spots and other useful information.

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FIN/SUM WEEK, the integration of finance and technology, a fintech-themed global startup event, was held on September 4–7, 2019. It became possible thanks to a series of events to promote the area's strength as a center housing many of the world's leading financial institutions. It was the fourth consecutive year the event was held in Marunouchi. UK Fintech Night in Tokyo, Fintech Summit, and Fintech Japan have also been held here in the past. These events utilized multiple facilities in the Marunouchi and Otemachi areas, demonstrating to participants the potential of the Marunouchi area as a fintech hub. The after-party of FIN/SUM 2019 was held at Wadakura Fountain Park in the Outer Gardens of the Imperial Palace. It was the first time in the history of this area that a MICE event had been held in the national garden, and it was possible thanks to strong support from DMO Tokyo Marunouchi and the discussion and coordination among the many parties involved. Other services provided included the distribution of coupon booklets for the area's restaurants and support for planning and organizing excursions for the day after the conference.

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Main Facilities

Tokyo International Forum

Address:3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku


TEL:+81-3-5221-9050 (Japanese)

Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Address:1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku



Palace Hotel Tokyo

Address:1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku



E-mail : globalsales@palacehotel.jp

JP Tower Hall & Conference

Address:KITTE 4F/5F, 2-7-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

URL:http://www.jptower-hall.jp/ (Japanese)

TEL:+81-3-5222-1800 (Japanese)

E-mail : jptower-hall@congre.co.jp

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