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Located in the West of Tokyo is the highly accessible Tachikawa area. A compact city in its own right, Tachikawa is the perfect destination for a wide variety of events, though it is particularly popular for association conferences and corporate meetings.

With sought after dwellings, modern commercial districts and world leading convention and event facilities, it is easy to believe Tachikawa is just an urban area. However, the many open spaces, including Showa Kinen Park (which commemorates Emperor Hirohito), means that the area has a perfect balance with nature. The result is a destination where physical and mental wellbeing are in harmony with opportunities to work and meet.

A hub for National Institutes and Association

Many key national institutes and associations are located within the Tachikawa area, making it an ideal location for academic conferences, conventions and councils. Local ambassadors are readily available from both the public and private sector as well as leading experts capable of providing exceptional content for congresses. Institutes located within the area include:

  • National Institute of Polar Research
  • National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
  • The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
  • National Institute of Japanese Literature

Tachikawa is also a hub for construction, wholesale and financial organisations. Such a range of institutes and industries means the area has developed a vibrant and modern conference and congress offering and infrastructure.

Unique to the area is a new development called “GREEN SPRINGS,” which offers a new style of working, living and visiting based on a desire for all to experience wellness and positive mental and physical health. GREEN SPRINGS balances the urban contemporary feel of Tachikawa with nature and wellness. The development includes the luxurious SORANO HOTEL, famous for its spa and rooftop bar; and TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN , which offers a 2,500-seat auditorium famous for its architectural creativity – perfectly blending indoor and outdoor stages. Green Springs is also home to a wide variety of office working environments, shops and restaurants – meeting all the needs of both visitors and local residents.

When placed alongside PALACE HOTEL TACHIKAWA, HOTEL emisia TOKYO TACHIKAWA and Hotel Nikko Tachikawa Tokyo, this new development means the Tachikawa area is more than capable of hosting a wide range of events – with 300-500 being the perfect size for conferences and meetings.

Infrastructure and Event Opportunities

To support the business focused elements of congresses, Tachikawa also has extensive facilities and infrastructure for leisure, cultural and sporting events.

In particular the Showa Kinen Park is a popular option for cultural and natural events with its accurately reproduced historic Japanese farmhouses and Japanese gardens, which change with the seasons to include the cherry blossoms, tulips, poppies, hydrangeas, sun flowers and Autumn leaves. Showa Kinen Park also offers a wide variety of options for creative event planners, such as traditional cultural experiences – a tea ceremony in a beautiful Japanese garden – or team-building and physical activities making the most of the park’s open spaces.

Significant sporting events such as the 2018 Toray Pan Pacific Open (Tennis), take place regularly in ARENA TACHIKAWA TACHIHI . However, as technology moves forward and Japan focuses on the delivery of new and engaging digital options for both residents and visitors, Tachikawa is working to revitalise and reinvent itself as a home for E-Sports – an ongoing development that is generating high levels of excitement and anticipation for all.

Tachikawa, much like the rest of Tokyo is an incredibly safe and accessible place to visit. It is reachable by multiple transport links for domestic visitors and is just an hour from Haneda Airport for international arrivals.